Title: Homestead Hygiene

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How can you get your laundry washed if you have no power?

In a disaster of any kind you may not have power for awhile.  Or you may be like me and not have power by choice.  Either way, there are options for washing your clothes and such.  The old way of doing laundry was with a wash tub, scrub board and an agitator/plunger.  Let us look at these items.  

Wash Tub -There are a variety of options for a wash tub. 
                 Purchase a galvanized tub made especially for doing laundry.
                 Purchase a plastic storage bin or 5 gallon bucket.
                 Recycle any tub, bin or 5 gallon bucket.
                 Use your kitchen sink or bath tub.
Scrub Board -These are great for getting out stains.  You usually will not have to use this very
                 often, but will be glad you have it.  You typically find three options for these.
                 Wood frame with a metal board.
                 Wood frame with a glass board.
                 All hard plastic construction.
Agitator/Plunger - There are two basic types for these.  They look similar to a toilet plunger,
                      but are different in design.
                Wooden handle with a galvanized plunger head.
                Wooden handle with a hard plastic head.

Many have found that doing laundry this way is actually quick and effective.   


How can you get your laundry dried if you have no power?

So what about drying those clothes you just washed?  You have one primary non-powered option; hang it.

There are a few ways that can be done.  Here is an overview of the drying options.

Wringer -You could ring the clothes out by hand or use a manual ringer and then hang them up.

                Some people use a mop ringer, although there are clothes ringers available.

Outside Clothes Lines -The old fashion straight rows between posts that you configure any

                size and shape you want.  Or you could get the roundish pre-made units.

Drying Racks -These can be used indoors or outside and they can be folded away when not in

                use.  They give you flexibility through out the seasons and varied weather conditions.


What about ironing?

I can say "I personally have tried this." There is a non-powered way to do it.  You can purchase an old cast iron 'manual iron'.  Usually these can be found at thrift stores or maybe even a yard sale.  These can be heated up on a wood stove and some even have pockets on top for you to place hot coals on them for sustained heat.  I had no urgent need to try this personally because hang drying leaves clothes fairly smooth and I figure if there is no power, who cares if I have wrinkles.  However, a friend gave one to us and my husband even likes using it, because it is cordless.  There is no cord to get in the way.  The small size actually makes doing sleeves and areas with pleats easier than my bigger electric one.


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