Title: Homestead Hygiene


Why Live Like Pioneers?

     Some have asked me why I would purposely live without some modern conveniences.  There are several reasons why one would be lured to do ‘without’.  Before we get started on the detailed reasons why we choose to live a sustainable life, I want to talk about perspective.


   If you are considering a sustainable way of life with the mind-set that it will be hard, you will never fully embrace it or understand why others have done so.  I am not going to paint a fairy-tale and say it is without difficulty.  It can be strenuous and tedious work at times, especially if you have never been accustomed to real work.  One example of this would be firewood.  It can also consume much more time than you would like, especially if you are trying to maintain the modern ‘American Dream” lifestyle. 

   Here is the bottom line:  It is not difficult, only different.  I will explain why that is shortly.  However, I want to encourage you in this: it is a new way of life that is a very worthwhile adventure.  We wish we would have started this sooner.

   So now let’s talk about why you need to keep in mind that it is not difficult, only different.  It could seem hard at first because of a number of factors. 

   You have never done it this way before, new things to learn, schedules to rearrange and old habits to break.  Think about your first week on a new job, sometimes you think you might not be able to pull this off.  Then almost before you know it, things are almost being done on auto-pilot.  Well, this new ‘old’ way of doing things is very similar.  So as you begin this journey, just remember, whatever you are researching you do not have to consider it difficult, only different.


   Now let us talk about the reason why anyone would choose to live a sustainable life. Your satisfaction level will rise significantly, your health will likely improve, the environment will benefit and your pocket book will have something left in it.

We will break down these reasons in the next blog entry.