Title: Homestead Hygiene

Body Care       Toilet Mount Bidet Bidet Bottle

How can you clean up after elimination?

So there was a disaster that caused the store to not restock things among which is toilet paper.  Now what are you going to do?  Perhaps wait?  Not really an option.  Have chills run up your spine when you remember the mistake in using an unidentified leaf while camping?  Okay, better not try the leaf thing again.  But relax, there are options.  Many developed countries use bidets (pronounced: bi-day).  It is a simple system of washing yourself after you have relieved yourself.  There are three ways to accomplish this.

Bidet –This is a commode looking thing that squirts water on your rump.  You

        can purchase these separately from your regular flush toilet.  Most people

        do not have room in their bathrooms for another toilet sized fixture.  And

        frankly, I don't want to swap locations until after I have cleaned up. 

        There are toilet/ bidet combos available, but can be tricky to find here in

        the United States.


Bidet Attachment -This is by far the preferred option for having the benefits

         of washing yourself.  It is more cost effective than a whole new fixture

         and can typically be installed by the home owner to any standard

         toilet.  They come with many features from non-electric fresh water to

         full powered programmable options.

Bidet Bottle -This requires no install whatsoever and you can take it with you

        anywhere.  The drawback is that you have to fill it each time instead of

        a system that is always ready like the bidet attachment.

Washing, rather than using toilet paper is cleaner, healthier, more cost effective and better for the environment.  Most people who travel abroad say the bidet is one thing they miss when they come back home.  Everyone that I know, who has tried this method of cleaning yourself, said they would never go back to toilet paper.  I agree.  The choice is between smearing pieces of processed trees around and hope it hasn't left too much remaining or being just showered fresh all the time.  You may still use toilet paper to dry off until you get proficient at washing well enough to use a cloth to dry yourself.  But even if you do that, you will still use far less toilet paper than you do now.


What about washing your body?

Soap Nuts, as mentioned on the laundry page, can also be made into a liquid soap to be used as a body/hair shampoo.  When you make the Soap Nuts into a liquid soap, you can use it for many things.  Please be aware that this will not foam up like most conventional cleansers, but does a good job cleaning nonetheless.

Exfoliating Gloves are my new found friend.  You don't typically need special soaps, deodorizers/perfumes or moisturizers when using these fun little scrubbers.  If you use the common detergents/soaps available today, you find that your skin is dry and rough.  But when you gently exfoliate, your skin is soft and smooth.  You also have no remaining odor because there is nothing dead left behind.  With these little gloves, you do not even need soap.  However, I enjoy lathering up with a mild castile soap while using these gloves.  You will use a lot less cleanser and won’t strip all of the natural suppleness of your skin away in the process.

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