Title: Homestead Hygiene


Come and discover the

alternatives for keeping

you and your family clean.





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Sustainable Hygiene

How can you keep clean and be self-sufficient?

Long before we had the big box stores, people have been able to keep themselves clean.  While rediscovering the ways of yesteryear and borrowing some advances of today, we can have the best of both worlds.  Our bodies and our clothes can be clean while at the same time saving our health, beauty, money and the environment.

There are many non-disposable ways to do things.  The use of re-usable cloth pads and diapers, bidets and cloth, non-powered washing machines and natural alternative options for cleansers are different and yet still an efficient way of life.  This website reflects the journey and discoveries of one family's experience.  It will expand as our knowledge expands.  We believe the time is here when self sufficiency is not only good for our health, the pocket book and the environment.  We also believe it will become a necessity for every day survival someday soon.


Please enjoy the various topic links and shopping for your new sufficient life.



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